At SearchTrade users earn bitcoins for every single search they make through the website, once they have log into their accounts. Users can earn bitcoins by choosing a variety of search applications listed on SearchTrade App Market.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account
  2. Make a Search
  3. Start Earning
  4. Track earnings in the ST wallet

Search Mining Features

  1. Get paid for upto 40 searches a day
  2. Limited upto 10 Searches per hour
  3. Manage and track your earnings
  4. Payout based on income system generates per search
  5. Refer and earn when your friends search

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Search Miner, you simply need to sign up with and start searching.
Once you have created an account, you simply have to login and earn Bitcoins, every time you make a search.
Yes users are allowed upto 40 paid searches per day not exceeding 10 searches per hour. Users can still carry on conducting searches post allotted paid searches. System resets every 24 hours and new search count gets updated at midnight GMT, which is displayed as “pending paid search”.
Every time a search is made, the user receives payment in bitcoin through the coin distribution program. At SearchTrade, users can also invest in Keywords to increase their revenue. Search trade provides a platform for developers to create third party search apps for other network users to use.