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Searching is a quite evident habit of human being. The Searching antecedents flick us back on ancient age, where we were searching any location by verbal method. After that when the Internet becomes powerful. In 1998, Google propound their concept for searching, here you can search any content on the Internet by just a click. After Google, excessively many content search engines came across like: Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Blogger etc.

But when YouTube spotted itself as a Video content search provider then searching got a thunder in the industry.


Now, Re-Engineering of Internet Search become in potential. It is SearchTrade.Com

Here’s why SearchTrade: This is just released a “Search Platform” Program that will allow users to earn money from the comfort of their own homes after buying keywords.   Now, 700 million human being will have the opportunity to assemble Bit Coins every month, from the comforts of their own home, getting paid by BTC wallet, direct deposit PayPal. Keep reading to discover how much some are making every month with this Portal.


Here’s the deal: SearchTrade.Com reporting consistent profits, No effects of global recession. They are expanding rapidly and offering online platform. This allows pay them based on keyword results on a long term basis.

Why SearchTrade? Because Keywords is your online wealth, decided to invest in Keywords and help yourself mount up faster. SearchTrade is rapidly expanding their presence and thousands of new signup for users interested in searchtrade.com

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what Syed Oves Ali (Pricing Contribution Representative at Bloomberg) initially thought too. Here is his personal view: The business model of Searchtrade.com is unique and offers a win-win situation for all stakeholders. It is a scalable and sustainable business model that has the potential to transform the Internet search activity globally.

Interestingly searchtrade.com’s medium of transaction is through Bit coin which itself corroborate the radical approach.   As the global economy is progressing, we will see slower growth in the money supply globally, hence in 2016 it is likely that the Bit coin prices shall surge. We find more and more websites, companies and authorities rapidly growing interest and acceptance of Bit coin. The robust business model coupled with developments in Bit coin is expected to revolutionize the internet search business.

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