With SearchTrade apps, you can keep up with trending stories, news, images and get paid while doing so.

Apps Market is a product of SearchTrade. It is an online store designed to help people discover, Specialized search apps. SearchTrade Apps goes beyond finding relevant answers on the internet.

Key Features

  • Find exactly what you’re looking for with specialized apps, faster!
  • Earn Bitcoins for every time you search
  • Get personalized results based on your queries
  • Available on both Web and Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

SearchTrade app marketplace is an online store designed to help people and organizations to discover, and use integrated third party search apps.
SearchTrade Applications are cluster of specialized search based mobile/web apps which users can download to make their search queries.
SearchTrade Search Apps provides relevant and specific search results for your queries and for every  search on SearchTrade apps, you will earn bitcoins.
SearchTrade app market is available both on desktop and smart phones.
All apps are free of cost, In fact users get paid