Frequently Asked Questions

SearchTrade is world’s first internet search company that turns users into stake holders in the success of the platform by sharing revenue with users.
Searchtrade pools all revenues it earns from various sources such as Advertising, Keyword sale, Keyword trading fee and Keyword renewal fee. It than analyzes average income it generates on each search based on algorithm and divides it amongst users for their participation in various roles such as Searcher, Keyword Owner and App Developer.
Payout start at 400 satoshi’s per search divided between 4 stake holders @ 100 satoshi each. From there pool tracks number of searches coming into the system and divides it with total income being generated every 24 hrs. With time as revenue and traffic becomes more consistent we plan to reduce time from 24hr to maybe 10 mins.

Total Income  / 90 days / number of registered users / 40 = Payout Per Search / Four Stakeholders

All existing search Engines are centralized, and owned by a single company. They do not reward the search users nor do they support the creation of search apps, other than their centralised and omnibus applications. So the Company that runs the search engine keeps all revenues that are generated by the selling user information. Whereas SearchTrade is an open platform with various search applications. It has stakeholders like app developers, keyword owners and the search users. Each of these stakeholders become a part of the revenue generation system and is rewarded for the role they play in making this system work.
There are 4 stakeholders on the SearchTrade networks, the searchminers, keyword miners, app miners and the network itself.
Earnings from Advertising at SearchTrade is stored in the payout pool, whereas the user’s income from pool is stored in his personal SeachTrade wallet.
Once the user creates an account he can choose any application on the site he wants to conduct a search on. Every user who is logged into the network is a part of the Coin Distribution Program (hyperlink). So every user who conducts an act of search is awarded bitcoins through the coin distribution program which are credited to his wallet.
SearchTrade incentivizes its users by monetizing each act of search. Every time a user conducts an act of search he receives pre -determined amount of SearchTrade & bitcoins through the coin distribution program. Using SearchTrade & bitcoins users can also buy & trade Keywords (hyperlink) to increase their revenue.
Users can buy keywords using SearchTrade & bitcoins through keyword markets. Keywords are digital assets which increases the net worth of the user. Every time a keyword is searched, the owner of that particular keyword is rewarded thus resulting in more income.
User can trade keywords on keyword exchange platform provided by the network.
Keywords are queries one enters in the search bar while using any search engine. SearchTrade system turns these keywords into digital assets that generate income. For example: say you are researching about an Iphone6. You type Iphone6 into the search engine. The search engine will then display relevant results related to your search term – or keyword.
In SearchTrade, keywords are digital assets that can be purchased and owned by individuals. Since keywords are used in searches, each use of the keyword by a ‘searcher’ will result in the keyword owner earning revenues in SearchTrade. For example: A person buying the word Insurance is a keyword owner of that word.
Keywords can be purchased on pre-sale section by paying Bitcoins matching the price of the offering.
User can buy or own unlimited keywords.
The keyword owners earns income every time search made by user includes keyword they own as part of their query
Keyword pricing is set by the network.
Keyword owner is paid every time a search is made using the keyword through the coin distribution program.
If user searches 1 word eg ‘bitcoin’ than payout is 100 Satoshi
If user searches 2 words eg ‘bitcoin mining’ payout is divided between two words and both earn 50 Satoshi each
So on so forth. ……
Owners can trade keywords on keyword Marketplace platform provided by the network.
Keyword base price is decided by SearchTrade. Once the keyword is owned than it can be traded at marketplace by discounting the future cash flow revenue of that particular keyword by its owners.
The incentives for application developer are that they will get 1/4thshare of the coin distribution program. Any search made on the application owned by a specific app owner will help him earn SearchTrade and bitcoins through the Coin Distribution Program. For example – “A” is an app developer. “B” is a user who search’s on A’s application. By this activity, the app developer will earn SearchTrade as searches are being made on A’s application.
The performance of the Application can be tracked SearchTrade Analytics which shows the number of hits the application receives and the revenue generated by the application.
The Application developers will get 1/4thshare in the coin distribution program which is funded by the pool created from the revenue collection.
SearchTrade is a platform which allows application developers to create innovative search based applications and promote these apps to create a new market where they put up their applications. The App Developer has to register himself on the network and accept the Developer Agreement. No registration fee has to be paid. Once he completes his account details he is eligible to integrate his application with the network.
SearchTrade Ad program is similar to the Google Adsense. Advertisers have to bid for selected keywords and buy advertisements and every time that keyword is entered, the respective ad will be displayed.
The advertisers can set their ads to appear to potential customers as we have specialized searching. For example, if the ad is related to hotels he can just display his ad on the SearchHotel application.
The advertisers can either choose a CPC(cost per click – where they only pay when their ad is opened) or CPM(cost per mille – where they pay for every thousand displays of their ad)
The advertisements can be bought using SearchTrade, Bitcoins or fiat money.
Ads appear alongside or above search results, in sections marked “Sponsored links”, as well as on other partner websites. Your ads can appear on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.
SearchTrade Ad program provides specialized advertising through search applications and location. It aims at providing targeted visibility. Advertisers can choose their mode of payment as well as compensation methods (either CPC or CPM). Also you can track your ads performance through SearchTrade analytics and customize your package accordingly.